About us

Since its establishment in 2011, yue Yang has grown to cover more than 80 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, chengdu and chongqing, with more than 260 projects and over 7,500 employees. We are committed to providing users with one-stop facilities management services! Assist customers in solving logistic problems.


Stable and mature management team.

The management team has years of experience in the service of your business. (make sure the site is stable -- the employed staff are the same)

Professional and dedicated staff.

All employees are trained and assessed.

Efficient equipment input.

Import brand equipment to ensure efficiency.

Green consumables

Let the customer's finished product protection, have certain safeguard.

Mature project management incentive mechanism.

Ensure employee's enthusiasm and flow stability.

Quality control.

Perfect quality control procedures, clear understanding of customer needs, and detailed planning and service standards to ensure that SOP is tailored to the service within a month.

Adequate resources and contingency plans.

There are many similar projects in the surrounding area, which can be solved in a short time (people, objects, equipment, etc.).

Effective cost control.

Successful operation experience can effectively control costs for customers.

Focus on our clients

The company visits regularly and solves problems for customers timely.


Perfect safety control and comprehensive insurance to reassure customers and employees.